Sophie-Alexia’s works deal with the emphasis on its own materiality by breaking from deliberate processes, and seeking the subject through the physical act of painting itself. Her abstract works on aluminum play on the conflict between the conscious and unconscious development of form. The works aim to capture both present and personal historical experiences in all their sensorial totality. Sophie-Alexia works on aluminum to integrate the environments reflected by its surface into the concept of the work. As the light invariable shifts across the pieces, they continue to take on meaning of their own. This feature produces a sense of movement throughout the works depicting the illusory quality of the present moment. The works are fantastical; both foreground and background are integrated into their compositional structures, allowing the works to suspend in their own field of perception. The pieces are at once geometric and visceral, textured and precise. Sophie-Alexia works in both oil and acrylic depending on the nature of her subject matter. She uses a deconstructive process by hand-sanding the works, removing portions of the paint before adding new layers in order to give the works history and to further support the concept of time.